Gov. Paul Lepage Says ‘The Enemy’ Are Black and Hispanic, and ‘You Shoot at the Enemy’

lepageAs Maine Governor Paul LePage endures fallout from controversial comments he made over the past week, he has decided to up the ante once again by apparently referring to Black and Hispanic people as “the enemy.” The governor of Maine is known for having a brusque way of dealing with people, which was on full display recently when he sent a profane, threatening voice message to a state legislator whom LePage believed called him a racist. The supposed criticism came after LePage said minority groups make up the vast majority of drug dealers in Maine, and he appeared to double down on that statement during a Friday press conference.
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The Talk Show: ‘I Do Feel the Pea’

New episode of my podcast, The Talk Show, with special guest Guy English. Topics include Tim Cook’s five year anniversary as Apple CEO, Steven Levy’s behind-the-scenes look at Apple’s AI and machine learning efforts, Apple’s decision to change the pistol emoji from a realistic revolver to a toy squirt gun, and the demise of Vesper. Also: our favorite Looney Tunes characters. Sponsored by:
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On Beta Testing

Brent Simmons:
This style of beta testing isn’t something I just accidentally fell into. It came from the mid-’90s. UserLand had just released [Frontier’s free “Aretha” version][f], and there was a mailing list for people using Aretha. I’d never been a part of anything like that. There were all these people talking about everything about the app. It was collegial and interesting and fun — and Dave Winer, the developer, was so open about everything, and he listened. It seemed like a miracle to me that such a thing could exist. I loved it. I’d been waiting all my life for such a thing, for a community like this. I threw myself into it, then ended up working with Dave informally on some small projects, and later took a job at UserLand (which was my dream job, for sure). […] It might seem funny to think of beta lists as Continue reading "On Beta Testing"

University of Chicago Strikes Back Against Campus Political Correctness

Richard Pérez-Peña, Mitch Smith, and Stephanie Saul, reporting for the NYT:
The anodyne welcome letter to incoming freshmen is a college staple, but this week the University of Chicago took a different approach: It sent new students a blunt statement opposing some hallmarks of campus political correctness, drawing thousands of impassioned responses, for and against, as it caromed around cyberspace. “Our commitment to academic freedom means that we do not support so-called trigger warnings, we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces’ where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own,” John Ellison, dean of students, wrote to members of the class of 2020, who will arrive next month.
Good for them.

White Crowd in Iowa Goes Nuts When Trump Says He’s Great For Black Voters

Screen-Shot-2016-08-27-at-4.25.25-PM-650x363For over a week now, Donald Trump has been making appeals to black voters. “What do you have to lose?” has been his big line as he campaigns in overwhelmingly white neighborhoods, cities, and states even as he is hammered for it over and over again. Today, he did an appearance in Iowa, where the black population sits at about 3.4%. It’s been demonstrated that people of color are just not feeling these appeals, but white people seem to be. At least, the white people in Iowa are. Here is a panoramic shot of the rally, which is taking place at an event on the State Fairgrounds: Now, here is the video of those same people reacting to Trump’s appeal to voters of color:

Politifact Writer Debunks Lies About Hillary, Then Declares ‘Both Sides’ Are Egregious

1thumbA funny thing happened on MSNBC’s Saturday afternoon MSNBC Live program, if by “funny” you mean infuriating. Weekend anchor and correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin hosted Politifact Senior Writer Lauren Carroll for a segment that wound up confirming that two of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s lies were, in fact, lies, while something that Hillary Clinton said about Donald Trump was, in fact, true. Carroll debunked the smear against The Clinton Foundation that we covered in these pages this week, as well as Trump’s more recent assertion that Hillary’s tax plan hurts black-owned businesses, and rated Hillary Clinton’s statement about a “Trump Effect” that’s led to an increase in bullying as “Mostly True”:
So far, so good. But then, Mohyeldin asked Carroll which side was more egregious with the falsehoods, and Carroll gave an answer that didn’t quite
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