WSJ: ‘Apple Readies $1 Billion War Chest for Hollywood Programming’

Tripp Mickle, reporting for The Wall Street Journal (alternate link that should route around the Journal’s paywall):
Apple Inc. has set a budget of roughly $1 billion to procure and produce original content over the next year, according to people familiar with the matter, as the iPhone maker shows how serious it is about making a splash in Hollywood. Combined with the company’s marketing clout and global reach, the step immediately makes Apple a considerable competitor in a crowded market where both new and traditional media players are vying to acquire original shows. Apple’s budget is about half what Time Warner Inc.’s HBO spent on content last year and on par with estimates of what Inc. spent in 2013, the year after it announced its move into original programming.
A friend of mine sent me this link, along with this quip: “Original content Apple is Continue reading "WSJ: ‘Apple Readies $1 Billion War Chest for Hollywood Programming’"

Ming-Chi Kuo: ‘Apple Watch 3 to Come in LTE and Non-LTE Models, No Obvious Form Factor Change’

Zac Hall, writing for 9to5Mac:
Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has released a new forecast on the next generation Apple Watch. According to Kuo, the Apple Watch 3 will ship later this year with both LTE and non-LTE models offered. Kuo also expects the next Apple Watch will retain the same general design and not feature an obvious new form factor. Kuo specifies that the Apple Watch will continue to ship in two size configurations: 38mm and 42mm cases. KGI’s latest prediction comes 10 days after Bloomberg’s recent report which first mentioned the new Apple Watch with Intel modems for LTE connectivity. John Gruber at Daring Fireball later hinted that the new model would feature a new form factor, although he later backtracked on the timing of that claim.
I didn’t backtrack on the timing. I backtracked on the veracity of the source I heard this from. I Continue reading "Ming-Chi Kuo: ‘Apple Watch 3 to Come in LTE and Non-LTE Models, No Obvious Form Factor Change’"

GE’s Jeff Immelt Condemns Trump for ‘Deeply Troubling’ Statements

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday afternoon that he is disbanding his manufacturing council as the executives who comprised its membership have been defecting en masse this week. Before he did, though, one of the most prominent CEOs in the country says he left of his own volition. In a statement, General Electric chairman and former CEO Jeff Immelt condemned Trump for his Tuesday remarks––calling them “deeply troubling”––and said he informed the council’s dwindling membership that he planned to depart. “The committee I joined had the intention to foster policies that promote American manufacturing and growth. However, given the ongoing tone of the discussion, I no longer feel that this council can accomplish these goals,” Immelt said (via CNN). Therefore, I notified members of the council this morning that I could no longer serve on the President’s Committee on American Manufacturing.” Immelt’s decision is an abrupt reversal from his Continue reading "GE’s Jeff Immelt Condemns Trump for ‘Deeply Troubling’ Statements"

Chris Lattner Joins Google Brain

Darrell Etherington, reporting for TechCrunch:
Chris Lattner, one of the key creators behind the Apple programming language Swift, is on the move again. After a short six-month stay at Tesla, which he joined last year from Apple to act as VP of Autopilot Software, Lattner announced on Twitter today that his next stop is Google Brain. […] Google Brain is the search giant’s team focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence. It focused on helping to use AI across a range of products, tackling both research and product integration, working together with teams across Alphabet, including at DeepMind. Its ultimate stated motivation is to advance the field with open source projects, academic collaboration and publication.
A team that emphasizes open source projects sounds like a good fit for Lattner.

CNN’s John King: ‘When Did This President Decide He Needs the Facts Before Speaking?’

CNN’s John King called out President Trump this afternoon for his comments claiming his initial Charlottesville remarks were about waiting for the facts. In addition to wondering what “additional facts” he needed, King asked, “When did this President decide he needs the facts before speaking?” He showed clips of Trump talking about President Obama‘s birthplace and the size of his inauguration crowd before asking the panel, “Does this President have any credibility when he stands there and says ‘I need to be careful about what I say’?” CNN White House Correspondent Sara Murray pointed that in plenty of other cases, Trump is quick to weigh in before all the facts have come in, “usually when he believes it’s radical Islamic terrorism.” King also pointed out that Trump consumes a lot of news and he should have known enough by Saturday to make a more decisive statement. Continue reading "CNN’s John King: ‘When Did This President Decide He Needs the Facts Before Speaking?’"

Watch the Neo-Nazi From Vice Charlottesville Segment Weep: ‘I’m Terrified’

Christopher Cantwell, a neo-Nazi who featured prominently in Vice News Tonight’s viral documentary of the Charlottesville protests that ended in terror, released a teary video addressed to police after learning of the warrant for his arrest, claiming “I’m terrified, I’m afraid you’re going to kill me, I really am.” In the video, which you can watch above, a choked up Cantwell claimed that he was told there is a warrant out for his arrest, and that he was attempting to contact the police as he didn’t think it safe to “go anywhere.” After a few pauses to pull himself together, a choked up Cantwell claimed “I want to be peaceful, I want to be law abiding, okay? That was the whole entire point of this.” “And I’m watching CNN talk about this as violent, white nationalist protest — we have done everything in our power to Continue reading "Watch the Neo-Nazi From Vice Charlottesville Segment Weep: ‘I’m Terrified’"