Oops: Hofstra University Misspells ‘Hillary’ on Debate Tickets

Today, 350 “souvenir tickets” were issued to Hofstra University students in advance of the first presidential debate to be held at the school tonight. It seems, however, that nobody showed them to a copy editor before they were printed. “Hillary” is misspelled. It’s missing one ‘L.’ In a statement to NBC 4 New YorkKarla Schuster, a spokesperson for the University said, “These tickets are not official tickets to the debate. They were printed at the last minute to create a souvenir for the students. We’ll be reprinting them for all those who won tickets.” It’s a pretty big blunder from an educational institution. Tonight’s showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begins at 9:00pm EST. [H/T NBC] Follow Dana Eisenberg on Twitter.

Trump Invites People to Follow His ‘Team of Deplorables’ on Twitter During Debate

Donald Trump tweeted out one last shot at Hillary Clinton before tonight’s debate: An ad the Trump campaign put out today also hammers away at the “deplorables” line, so Trump will most likely invoke it at least once tonight. [featured image via Shutterstock] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

WashPo: Trump Directed Over $2 Million in Income to His Tax-Exempt Foundation

trump-deal-e1474054055838The Trump Foundation, a tax-exempt charitable organization, received nearly $2.3 million meant for Donald Trump, which would have been taxable income, according to a new report in the Washington Post by David Fahrenthold. Four-hundred thousand dollars of that sum was from Comedy Central — Trump’s fee for participating in his 2011 roast. His campaign said that he paid income on that, but could not provide proof and would not speak to the other sums, which total a little less than $1.9 million. It is unlikely voters will learn if Trump paid taxes on this income, since he has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns. Fahrenthold writes:
The laws governing the diversion of income into a foundation were written, in part, to stop charity leaders from funneling income that should be taxed into a charity and then using that money to benefit themselves. Such violations can bring monetary penalties, the Continue reading "WashPo: Trump Directed Over $2 Million in Income to His Tax-Exempt Foundation"

No, Hofstra University Did Not Put Out a Trigger Warning For the Debate

If you believe college students are too sheltered from the real world, then the tweets trickling in Monday afternoon reporting that Hofstra University had issued a trigger warning to advise students about the on-campus presidential debate was just too perfect. Cameron Gray at NRA News snarked: “If a Presidential debate is too much, college might not be the place for you Or Earth, for that matter.” “Boy, tonight’s big presidential debate is shaping up to be a hell of a show. Hope Hofstra University students can handle it,” Sarah D. wrote at the conservative Twitter aggregator Twitchy.

‘Shame on You’: Omarosa Scolds Chris Hayes for Asking About Birtherism

hayes-omarosaChris Hayes confronted Donald Trump surrogate Omarosa tonight over the many “unanswered questions” about Trump’s birtherism. He pointed out that Trump still needs to address exactly when he stopped being a birther and what changed his mind, asking her if he’ll be clearing that up tonight. Omarosa was taken aback by his question and said Trump “put that to bed,” but Hayes shot back, “He spent five years talking about the president not being an American!” She responded, “We have young black men being killed in this country, we have people rioting in the streets of Charlotte, and you wanna start with birther? Shame on you.” Omarosa also weirdly referred to this as “conspiracy theories that you all are floating around,” and Hayes reminded her just how prominent a birther Trump was.
The interview concluded Continue reading "‘Shame on You’: Omarosa Scolds Chris Hayes for Asking About Birtherism"

How to Watch the Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate Online

picmonkey-collage-6At long last, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are facing off for the very first time tonight, 1-on-1, live from Hofstra University in Long Island. And you can watch the big debate below. The debate tonight will be moderated by Lester Holt from NBC, and the current host of NBC Nightly News. Despite previously crediting Holt as a fair choice, Trump this week slammed the broadcast anchor, saying, “Lester is a Democrat… Okay? It’s a very unfair system.” Holt, however, is a registered Republican, and has been since 2003. The debate will take place on the campus of Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island; the event — which will mark not only the first Clinton v. Trump showdown, but also the first debate featuring Trump and only one other person — will consist of six 15-minute segments. The segments have been pre-selected by Holt. There’s been a lot Continue reading "How to Watch the Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate Online"

Read Live Updates From The First Presidential Debate

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump face off in the first 2016 presidential debate on Monday.

The two will duke it out at Hofstra University in New York. NBC’s Lester Holt moderates the event.
Below, live updates on the first presidential debate:
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