‘We’re Going to Raise Our Hands Like Big Boys and Girls’: Sean Spicer Lectures Reporter on Etiquette

At today’s White House press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer admonished a reporter for not waiting his turn and trying to ask a question while Spicer was calling on another person. In what felt like a real-life version of the now famous SNL skits starring Melissa McCarthy, Spicer lectured New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush for not following proper etiquette in the press room. Following Spicer answering a question about medical marijuana, Thrush tried to shout out his question while the press sec moved to another reporter. “Glenn, this isn’t a TV program,” Spicer said. “You don’t get to just yell out questions.” He continued, “We’re going to raise our hands like big boys and girls.” Watch the clip above, via CNN. [image via screengrab] – Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

Whoopi Goldberg Slams Trump For Reversing Protections For Trans Kids: ‘Isn’t It Hard Enough to Be in High School?’

Yesterday, the Donald Trump administration rolled back Barack Obama‘s protections for trans kids, rescinding guidance that instructed schools to allow children to use the bathroom that most closely matches their gender identity. Today on The View, the ladies took the subject on head-first, making some bold proclamations along the way. Whoopi Goldberg asked, “What’s the message to transgender Americans and to transgender kids? Isn’t it hard enough to be in high school or in grammar school identifying in a different way than other people see you?” Sara Haines pointed out that though many of the opponents of bathroom inclusivity are worried about “safety,” but statistics show that trans kids are the ones in Continue reading "Whoopi Goldberg Slams Trump For Reversing Protections For Trans Kids: ‘Isn’t It Hard Enough to Be in High School?’"

An Open Letter To Andy Cohen

Dear Andy,
I am a loyal Bravo watcher. I am a reality television connoisseur and devour my shows in bulk whenever my schedule permits. I am one of your people, which is why I am sad to write this letter to you.
I know, too well, the criticism of the unscripted genre, having been a small part of it. I also know that I could be writing this note to challenge stereotypes of women, relationships, values, and perceptions of wealth and success. But I’ll save that for another day. Today, I write on behalf of LGBTQ allyship.

I’m getting tired of the blatant homophobia being masked as silly gossip or a humorous crutch in some of the franchises, most recently, 'Vanderpump Rules' and the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

Here’s the deal: I’m getting tired (really tired) of the blatant homophobia being masked as silly gossip or a Continue reading "An Open Letter To Andy Cohen"

‘God Doesn’t Care How Smart You Are’: Tucker Carlson Reveals All in New Interview

imageedit_109_3149113174 In Tucker Carlson‘s Atlantic profile, the Fox News host went over a lot of things, but focused keenly on intelligence and morality. He spoke almost lovingly about his neighbors in Washington, D.C., calling them “wonderful”; unfailingly “nice”; “some of [his] favorite people in the world.” Still, he had a few criticisms for the group, made up of lawyers and other affluent liberals. He told McKay Coppins that the elite consensus should be “reflexively distrusted.” Then, he said this:

Look, it’s really simple: The SAT 50 years ago pulled a lot of smart people out of every little town in America and funneled them into a small number of elite institutions, where they married each other, had kids, and moved to an even smaller number of elite neighborhoods. We created the most effective meritocracy ever. But the problem with the meritocracy [is that it] leeches all the empathy Continue reading "‘God Doesn’t Care How Smart You Are’: Tucker Carlson Reveals All in New Interview"

Rachel Maddow Enjoys Best Ratings Week Since 2008, Second Best Week Ever

maddow_twitter Since the inauguration of Donald Trump, MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show has been on a roll when it comes to the ratings, and last week not only continued the strong performance for the program, but improved on previous weeks. For the week beginning February 13th, Rachel Maddow’s 9 PM ET show averaged 2.5 million total viewers, giving the progressive host her best single week since just before the 2008 election, when the program pulled in an average of 2.6 million. This also gives the show its second best ever week. Based largely on Maddow’s performance in the ratings, MSNBC found themselves third among all basic cable channels in primetime viewership. With Fox News sitting at #1 with an average of 2.8 million, MSNBC finished behind TNT and ahead of HGTV, grabbing an average total of 1.6 million viewers for the week in primetime viewership. CNN Continue reading "Rachel Maddow Enjoys Best Ratings Week Since 2008, Second Best Week Ever"

Tapper Hammers ‘Alt-Reich Twitter’ for Claiming Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Racist Tirade is Him

tapper2 This afternoon, CNN anchor Jake Tapper didn’t take too kindly to a so-called parody Twitter account claiming Dog the Bounty Hunter’s well-publicized racist tirade was him. After this tweet was sent out — — Tapper ripped into what he called “alt-Reich twitter” for spreading this around. He also took umbrage with this being seen as freedom of speech. The account that shared the video supposedly
Continue reading "Tapper Hammers ‘Alt-Reich Twitter’ for Claiming Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Racist Tirade is Him"

People Are Angry With Caitlyn Jenner’s Silence On the Rollback of Transgender Student Protections

shutterstock_546511936 Yesterday, the Trump administration withdrew protections for transgender students that allowed them to use whatever bathroom they wanted in school under Title IX. Tons of celebrities have spoken out, angry with the administration and with President Donald TrumpJackie Evancho, who performed at his inauguration even tweeted her disappointment, and appeared on Good Morning America today with her sister, who is transgender to talk about it. One person who has been silent is Caitlyn Jenner. Candidate Donald Trump never seemed to mind transgender people using whatever bathroom they wanted to use. He famously told Jenner that at Trump Tower she could use whichever one she felt comfortable in. Jenner, a lifelong Republican attended his inauguration, and just prior to that, she tweeted that she was there to “help” Republicans on LGBTQ issues. It’s worth noting that it’s entirely possible Jenner is planning to say something, or is planning
Continue reading "People Are Angry With Caitlyn Jenner’s Silence On the Rollback of Transgender Student Protections"

The Opposition Party is ‘Always Wrong’: Steve Bannon Slams the Media During CPAC Panel

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus are holding a joint appearance today at CPAC, and Bannon began the discussion by taking shots at the political press about how much it gets wrong. Bannon doesn’t make a lot of direct media appearances, but for weeks, the White House strategic adviser has been slamming the media by saying it should be treated like the “opposition party.” ACU chairman Matt Schlapp asked Priebus and Bannon for thoughts about the media’s reporting, and Priebus expressed frustration with articles suggesting he and Bannon have a hostile relationship with each other. This eventually led to Bannon berating the press and saying it was just the latest fallacy. “Look at the opposition party, how they portrayed the campaign, how they’ve portrayed the transition and now the administration. It is always wrong,” Bannon said. “If you remember, the campaign was the most chaotic Continue reading "The Opposition Party is ‘Always Wrong’: Steve Bannon Slams the Media During CPAC Panel"

Pro Golfers Tell the NYT: We’re Down to Hit the Links With Trump

Screen-Shot-2016-12-23-at-2.56.04-PM-e1487619652818 Ever since his election victory, many athletes have been reluctant to associate with President Donald Trump. Four New England Patriots have specifically said they will not attend a White House ceremony honoring the team for political reasons. Cleveland Cavaliers players Iman Shumpert and Richard Jefferson have likewise said they wouldn’t go to the White House if the Cavaliers successfully defend their NBA championship, while LeBron James has been non-committal. Some NBA teams even refuse to stay at Trump hotels while they are on the road. But professional golfers appear to have no such qualms about associating with the President. As the owner of a number of top golf courses throughout the world, Trump has been a longtime lover of the game. And the game, it appears, loves him back. The New York Times surveyed 56 pro golfers and asked if they’d be willing to hit the links with Trump if Continue reading "Pro Golfers Tell the NYT: We’re Down to Hit the Links With Trump"

Bannon: ‘The Mainstream Media Better Understand’ That All of Trump’s Promises Will Be Implemented

In a rare public appearance, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon showed up at CPAC today to speak, sharing the stage with White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Speaking to American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp — and having already doubled down on calling the mainstream media the “opposition party” — Bannon took another shot at the press, claiming they don’t know how to report on President Donald Trump. “This is the other thing that the mainstream media or opposition party never caught is that if you want to see the Trump agenda it’s very simple,” Bannon stated. “It was all in the speeches.” He then noted that the media won’t report on what’s really going on with the Trump Administration and the promises the president made. “That’s what the mainstream media won’t report, just like in the chaos of the transition, they’re Continue reading "Bannon: ‘The Mainstream Media Better Understand’ That All of Trump’s Promises Will Be Implemented"

‘Not Going to Happen’: John Boehner Calls GOP Promises to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Just ‘Happy Talk’

boehner2-300x197 During a health care conference in Florida earlier today, former Speaker of the House John Boehner explained that any discussion by Republicans in Washington on replacing and repealing the Affordable Care Act is nothing more than “happy talk.” According to Politico, Boehner told those at the conference that GOPers in Congress are more likely going to focus on making some fixes to the health care plan rather than a full overhaul.
“[Congressional Republicans are] going to fix Obamacare – I shouldn’t call it repeal-and-replace, because it’s not going to happen,” he said.
Boehner, who left Congress in 2015 as the GOP presidential primary started shifting into high gear, also laughed about comments made by Republicans following Donald Trump’s presidential win that they would work quickly on a repeal-and-replace plan. “I started laughing,” the ex-Speaker remarked. “Republicans never ever agree on health care.” He also added that the Continue reading "‘Not Going to Happen’: John Boehner Calls GOP Promises to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Just ‘Happy Talk’"

Adorable Seven-Year-Old Boy Finally Meets His Idol Lester Holt

In a viral video earlier this month, one adorable 7-year-old boy made it comically clear that “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt is the only journalist worthy of his time. And on Tuesday, Holt showed his appreciation in a special way. 
Jaden, who is from Portland, Oregon (and whose last name was withheld by his mother), was interviewed on Feb. 3 by KGW reporter Drew Carney alongside his cousin at Portland International Airport to talk about the winter storm that hit the city ahead of their trip to Disney World. Jaden was immediately put off that Carney wasn’t the anchor he was accustomed to watching regularly on TV with his grandmother, and promptly walked away from the interview. 
“I didn’t really see you on TV that much,” Jaden said to Carney. “The brown... the Lester Holt? Usually you see him more on the news than you.”

But Continue reading "Adorable Seven-Year-Old Boy Finally Meets His Idol Lester Holt"

Richard Spencer: ‘Depeche Mode is the Official Band of the Alt-Right’

Dave Gahan & Martin Gore of Depeche Mode perform in Minsk, Belarus in 2014 (Shutterstock) Moments before he got thrown out of CPAC on Thursday, alt-right leader Richard Spencer was giving an interview to Olivia Nuzzi of New York Magazine, during which he dropped this surprising nugget: About an hour later, after the band’s devoted fandom had already started recoiling in horror, Spencer amended his statement: Whichever way you slice it, whether he was or wasn’t joking about what he felt was Depeche Mode’s greater political significance, the whole thing is a bit curious. It’s not exactly a secret that Depeche Mode’s members lean to the left of the political spectrum; it’s been well-known for almost three and a Continue reading "Richard Spencer: ‘Depeche Mode is the Official Band of the Alt-Right’"

WATCH LIVE: White House Press Briefing – 02/23/17

Press Secretary Sean Spicer will hold a conference in the White House Briefing Room today at 1:00, where he will take questions from the press and outline the actions of the Trump administration. Watch above, via Mediaite. [image via screengrab]

Mediaite Is Now Hiring a Full-Time Writer

Mediaite is looking for an ambitious, energetic, newshound to analyze the names, the brands, the gossip, the digerati of news, politics, and entertainment. You would be writing opinion pieces and news stories using any and all of the tools of digital storytelling: Words, video, pictures, social interactions, book excerpts, you name it. But in the end, you are a media critic. The position will ensure a political balance on the site by focusing on conservative media to see what is trending among right-leaning thinkers while also allowing the writer to add her/his own thoughts on the left-leaning media. If you think you have what it takes and want to impact the news cycle then we want to talk to you. Requirements:

Mike Pence Blames Recent Town Hall Unrest on ‘Liberal Activists’

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence continued the narrative that’s been coming from the conservatives in recent weeks during a speech in the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri. Speaking at the headquarters of Fabrick Cat, a manufacturer of construction vehicles, Pence insisted that the pro-Affordable Care Act/Obamacare stories being told at “town hall” events aren’t legitimate. “The nightmare of ObamaCare is about to end,” he said. “Despite the best efforts of liberal activists at town halls around the country, ObamaCare has failed and it has got to go.” That same day, White House press secretary Sean Spicer gave a more tempered version of the same message, saying that “There’s a hybrid there: I think some people are clearly upset, but there is a bit of professional protester, manufactured base in there.” On Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted the more harsh assessment, putting Continue reading "Mike Pence Blames Recent Town Hall Unrest on ‘Liberal Activists’"