WATCH: California Kayaker Survives Great White Shark Attack

“I was sure I was done,” Brian Correiar told National Geographic. Watching the newly-released footage of his being attacked by a great white shark, it’s easy to understand where Correiar was coming from. On March 18, the California resident went out kayaking in Monterey Bay. But the shark attacked his kayak, causing him to fall out. Suddenly, he was in the water with the shark nearby. But the shark was impeded a bit by the kayak, and Correiar was able to flag down a nearby sailboat. Nonetheless, Correiar was understandably terrified. “The shark came toward me, dropped the kayak, then dove straight down below me where I couldn’t see it,” Correiar said. He added, “It was like a horror movie.” Watch above, courtesy of Gene Mace Jr. via Storyful. [featured image via screengrab] —— Follow Joe DePaolo (@joe_depaolo) on Twitter

FNC’s Jeanine Pirro Says She Has ‘Ideas’ on Who the White House Leaker is, but ‘Not Ready to Share’

It has become a familiar refrain on Fox News. Find the leakers! The network has, by far, spent the most time of the three cablers focusing on the person or people responsible for leaking information from the White House. But one of their own employees thinks she may have cracked the case. Saturday on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Jeanine Pirro used her opening monologue to rip the leaker who she feels is “destroying our nation.” And then she dropped this: “I have my own ideas who that person is,” Pirro said. “But I’m not ready to share them yet.” Pirro didn’t go any further, or even elaborate on why she was reluctant to share those ideas. Nonetheless, given her venom for the person, it seems likely she’ll revisit the topic sometime soome. “There is a leaker in the White House,” Pirro said. “There is a traitor inside Continue reading "FNC’s Jeanine Pirro Says She Has ‘Ideas’ on Who the White House Leaker is, but ‘Not Ready to Share’"

Cory Booker: ‘I’m Not Going to Rush to Impeachment’

As you may recall, during her commencement speech at Wellesley College last week, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took numerous shots at President Donald Trump. At one point in her address, she invoked Richard Nixon while seemingly making the case for impeachment when it came to Trump. During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) was asked his thoughts on Clinton’s remarks and whether he agreed with them. “I just want to tell you, I’m not going to rush to impeachment,” the Democratic lawmaker told guest host Dana Bash. “I think we need to deal with this in a very sobered way.” He continued, “This can’t be a relitigation of an election that is now past. This has to be about an objective assessment about the facts that are going on right now.” Booker went on to note that he Continue reading "Cory Booker: ‘I’m Not Going to Rush to Impeachment’"

Jesse Watters on Trump’s Birtherism: He Was ‘Just Having a Little Fun’ at Obama’s Expense

Hey, did you know that President Donald Trump’s multi-year embrace of birtherism — including his insistence that he had investigators working on the case — was all just a good-natured rib? Well, that’s what Fox News’ Jesse Watters would like you to believe. During last night’s broadcast of Watters’ World, the Fox News personality brought on veteran rocker Todd Rundgren to discuss Rundgren telling Trump supporters not to come to his shows because they “won’t have a good time.” Towards the end of the segment, Rundgren was pressed about his recent song ‘Tin Foil Hat’ and why Trump was wearing a tin foil hat in the video. “Well, he was the original conspiracy theorist, wasn’t he?” Rundgren asked Watters. “He didn’t believe that [Barack] Obama was born in this country and he fomented that pretty much from the time Continue reading "Jesse Watters on Trump’s Birtherism: He Was ‘Just Having a Little Fun’ at Obama’s Expense"