In UK, TV Companies Beat Web Companies on Their Turf

Who’s benefiting from the growth of new media? Old media. That’s especially true in the UK, where use of the BBC’s iPlayer and other online TV offerings is widespread. And now, awareness of traditional TV broadcasters’ on-demand sites has overtaken that of YouTube and iTunes, according to a survey by Deloitte and YouGov commissioned by the Edinburgh Television Festival.

Eighty-four percent of 2,123 people polled said they were aware of the BBC’s iPlayer service, and Channel 4’s 4OD — while 76 percent said they were aware of YouTube and 64 percent of iTunes.

News and comedy tied for the most-watched types of video, with 34 percent of respondents saying they watched each category. Thirty percent said they watched music, 23 percent documentaries, 23 percent sports, 7 percent reality TV and 7 percent factual entertainment.

About half of respondents seemed to think their current Internet connection was A-OK for video. Of those surveyed, 53 said “a faster and more reliable internet connection” would not necessarily entice them to watch more clips or TV episodes.

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