Android Market Webstore: Google Defies Apple Store

Every good product should have a good display. So far the Android Market was just another app inside your mobile and its features were limited unless you downloaded AppBrain App Market, which oddly enough was doing the same or more than what Google has announced today: The official opening of the Android Market Website and Store. With AppBrain‘s product you had the opportunity to browse online through a very complete catalog of free and paid apps in the Android Market, organize the ones installed in your cell phone and perform multiple installs by queuing the apps of your choice. I have tried the new website today and I have to say the navigation is intuitive but certainly can be improved. The good thing I guess is the possibility to access the store from your Google account (a lot of users have not been able to sign in though as of now). It is possible to share apps and reviews in Twitter and obviously the range of social networks will increase later on. Some filter for Paid or Free apps would be appreciated (every time I select a category I get the Paid app tab first). Local features and language are automatically assigned by your Gmail account which of course knows about your Android device too and everything is connected fast so you have the apps served magically to your mobile phone. Before choosing too many apps set your device to accept app downloads only via wifi. You don’t want to get a huge bill from your carrier by the end of the month! We certainly expect improvements and we know for sure that Google will surprise us in coming months with a sleeker design and a more powerful website that rivals the Apple Store.

Android Market Website