President Obama Prepares His Resume For His Next Gig With Office Manager Colbert

This post is by J.D. Durkin from Mediaite

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With just weeks left to go until election day, President Barack Obama appears to have gotten a jumpstart on his moving, since he and his family will be vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in no time. To help with the process, Stephen Colbert assumed the role of Office Manager Randy and ran through some of the Hiring 101s with President Obama. “55… tough time to start over for a man,” says Colbert’s character. The President also needed to answer for the fact that he hasn’t received a promotion of any kind in the last eight years. “To be honest,” he told Colbert, “there wasn’t a lot of room for improvement in my last job.” “The only one with a more powerful position was my wife,” he continued. The whole schtick is the newest piece of evidence to suggest that this president has been the friendliest of the liberal late night . At one point during the Colbert bit, Obama can even rattle off his most impressive accomplishments under the guise of impressing a new employer: tackling climate change, Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and reopening Cuban relations all made the cut. He also joked that he saved the American auto industry, but admittedly, “nobody believes it.” Watch above via CBS.

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