O’Reilly Warns Trump to Stop Whining: No One Cares About Rigged Election Rants

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Bill O’Reilly was Stephen Colbert‘s guest on Monday night’s The Late Show, and the two of them talked about whether it’s politically wise for Donald Trump to go on about the election being “rigged” against him. While O’Reilly acknowledged that the 2016 election is far from normal and there is widespread anger, he opined the election is “not rigged, no.” This comes as a contrast to Trump, who has spent the last several days raving about how the media, the electoral system, and the Hillary Clinton juggernaut are all making plans to commit voter fraud and undermine his campaign. When asked about the upcoming presidential debate in Las Vegas, O’Reilly said that both candidates need to focus on voters, and that means, Trump has to outline his approach to the issues. “Stop whining,” O’Reilly recommended. “Nobody cares about the ‘rigged’ stuff.” Colbert didn’t seem to think would be capable of that, seeing how he channeled Trump’s ambiguous rhetoric as he role-played the mogul while facing a tough question. Watch above, via CBS. [Image via screengrab] — —
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