Here’s The Funniest Commercial of This Year’s Super Bowl (And it Only Aired in Washington DC)

The funniest commercial of this year’s Super Bowl only aired in one market, Washington DC. The spot was for Cyprus Air, an Alexandria, VA-based heating and cooling company. Viewers on Washington’s Fox affiliate WTTG were treated to a skilled Donald Trump impersonator advertising a promotion for the company. “This sale is YUGE!” The Trump impersonator said. Then a man identified as Joe said, “You want to see huge?” And then Joe held up his hand. The Trump impersonator prodded Joe to put his hand down with a perfectly played sheepish look. Compared to his own hand, Joe’s obviously was yuge. Well done, Cyrpus Air. Watch above, via WTTG. [featured image via screengrab] – Follow Joe DePaolo (@joe_depaolo) on Twitter

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