O’Reilly to Bob Woodward: You Don’t Think You’re Being ‘Used’ by People Leaking from White House?

Bill O’Reilly tonight spoke with The Washington Post‘s Bob Woodward about leaks coming out of President Trump‘s administration and whether he feels he’s being “used” by people coming forward to leak information.

O’Reilly opened his show tonight blasting the WikiLeaks document release of alleged CIA spying and hacking programs as a “treasonous” act. He said that the White House needs to make investigations of such leaks a top priority.

Woodward said that press outlets, when they receive information from leakers, verify the information and make sure they don’t publish things that “get people killed.”

O’Reilly said he personally wouldn’t run something from an anonymous source “who tells me something I can’t verify.” Woodward brought up the Post‘s reporting about Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn and said what they reported on was verified and “presented in a careful way that does harm national security.”

O’Reilly asked him if he thinks he and the paper were “used.” Woodward said “that’s B.S.” and told O’Reilly that it wasn’t the Post that fired Flynn, but Trump. O’Reilly responded by saying that if he doesn’t know who taped the call, “that opens the possibility that you and your paper were used…by somebody who illegally tapped Flynn.”

Woodward said, “This isn’t about being used, it’s about what’s true.”

O’Reilly brought up the leaks of Trump’s conversations to foreign leaders and asked him if he thinks that to be “a legitimate form of reportage.”

Woodward said those were indeed legitimate reports, but O’Reilly shot back, “It might have put the country in jeopardy!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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