Mark Halperin Tells Colbert: ‘I Daydream About What if Nixon or JFK had Twitter’

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John Heilemann and Mark Halperin took a moment away from The Circus to stop by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. With the future of Obamacare on the line and Donald Trump’s allegations of illegal wiretapping from his predecessor, Barack Obama, there was ample fare for discussion.

“I’ve traveled the country a lot since [Trump] got elected,” said Halperin. “There are people who are hopeful and optimistic and think this is the kind of change we need and there are people — adults — who say to me, ‘this is the worst thing that’s happened in my life.'”

While both guests and Colbert expressed skepticism over the president’s wiretapping claims, Heilemann explained why he felt the charge was so grave.

“The President of the United States should be taken seriously and literally,” he said. “When he’s on Twitter and he’s saying things he saying, those are public pronouncements the President of the United States.”

“Trump’s Washington and Trump’s America is a fascinating thing,” said Halperin. “I daydream about what if Nixon or JFK had Twitter.”

After some audience laughter, Colbert offered the obvious response.

“JFK may have had an Anthony Weiner problem,” he said.

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