Howard Kurtz: Maddow ‘Fumbled’ Trump Tax Scoop With Hype, Speculation

Fox’s Howard Kurtz spoke with Bill Hemmer today on America’s Newsroom, and they discussed how Rachel Maddow‘s highly-anticipated President Trump tax news was not the bombshell everyone expected it would be. Kurtz said that Trump’s leaked tax returns are a genuine subject of journalistic interest, but Maddow botched the story last night by turning it into a “partisan spectacle with a long, rambling 20-minute monologue.” Kurtz also said that Maddow “fumbled” the whole thing by building up hype for the story and giving the White House a free chance to confirm the contents and slam the media. Hemmer eventually asked Kurtz to respond to those in the media who are raising questions about whether Trump had his information leaked on purpose in order to curb interest in his elusive, more-recent tax returns. Kurtz said the information was newsworthy to the point that doesn’t “indict” NBC, though he was skeptical that Trump would leak his tax forms to David Cay Johnston, given his critical past writings about Trump. Watch above, via Fox. [image via screengrab] — —
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