Following Nude Photo-Sharing Scandal, Marines Expected to Release Social Media Guidelines

imageedit_55_4394115246 Last week, we told you that the Defense Department was looking into reports that a secret Facebook group was being used by Marines and veterans to pass around naked photos of enlisted females. Now, the Marines have released new social media guidelines for members. A U.S. Defense official told CNN that Marine Corps commandant Gen. Robert Neller will sign the new guidelines today, though they appeared on the Marines’ website yesterday. The signing of the guidelines is, per CNN, “in order to clarify the military code of justice punishments that can be applied to social media sexual harassment to harmonize it with other forms of sexual harassment.” The Senate Armed Services Committee had a hearing yesterday in which Neller reiterated his commitment, identifying the elements of military culture that allowed or encouraged this to happen. During the hearing, it was clear that there are now questions about whether the Uniform Code of Military Justice is to take on cyber issues. Among the new guidelines is one that states Marines “are encouraged to responsibly engage in unofficial internet posting about the Marine Corps and Marine Corps related topics consistent with their professional expertise, personal experiences, or personal knowledge.” [image via screengrab] —— Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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