Fireworks: McCain Rips Rand Paul as ‘Working For Vladimir Putin’

John McCain revived his feud with Republican colleague Rand Paul on the Senate floor on Wednesday by accusing the Kentucky senator of doing the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Peter Kasperowicz of the Washington Examiner reported on Senator McCain’s latest attack on Senator Paul. The Arizona politician had asked the Senate’s unanimous consent to pass a treaty that would let the former Yugoslav republic of Montenegro into NATO. Mr. Paul blocked this move and immediately left the Senate chamber. This, of course, drew the ire of the former naval aviator. “I note the senator from Kentucky leaving the floor without justification or any rationale for the action he has just taken,” blasted McCain. “That is really remarkable — that a senator blocking a treaty that is supported by the overwhelming number…of his colleagues would come to the floor and object and walk away.” The Arizona Republican continued his attack: has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians…the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.” Later in the day, Senator Paul replied to McCain’s offensive in a statement to Business Insider: “Currently, the United States has troops in dozens of countries and is actively fighting in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen (with the occasional drone strike in Pakistan). In addition, the United States is pledged to defend 28 countries in NATO.” [image via screengrab]  

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