‘Talking Points is Only Going to be Three Minutes’: O’Reilly Mocks Maddow Over Length of Opening Monologue

During tonight’s The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly utilized his ‘Talking Points Memo’ segment to take some shots at a competitor in the wake of a broadcast that likely pulled in huge ratings. Highlighting the public reveal of two pages of President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return by Rachel Maddow last night, O’Reilly first ridiculed the notion that reporter David Cay Johnston merely received the documents in the mail, as he’s claimed. “What a lucky guy,” O’Reilly derisively remarked. After stating Johnston gave the documents to Maddow so he could “spout all kinds of gibberish” on the air, O’Reilly then took aim at Maddow herself. “Now, before the actual return was shown to the audience, the cable news host, Rachel Maddow, delivered a 20-minute monologue,” he said. “‘Talking Points’ will only be three minutes.” He added, “She said 20 minutes worth of stuff, various anti-Trump conspiracy theories that she espouses on a nightly basis. Kind of a hobby.” O’Reilly did acknowledge, though, that MSNBC will likely see big ratings from the broadcast, stating that they’ve been seeing better numbers since they turned into the “Sci-Fi channel.” Watch the clip above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab]Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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