Trump Phoned Tomi Lahren to Thank Her for ‘Fair Coverage’ of Him During Hannity Appearance

tomi-lahren-via-the-blaze-650x426 We already know that President Donald Trump consumes a whole lot of cable news on a daily basis — especially Fox News. And it is well-known that one of his favorite programs is Hannity. Therefore, it should probably come as little surprise that he was tuned in last month when conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren showed up as a guest. However, did you know that Trump was so impressed that he decided to ring her up later that evening? Lahren told the Washingtonian that following a Hannity appearance on February 7th — during which she told host Sean Hannity that she became a Trump supporter because he was “doing something amazing — POTUS called her up.
“He called and said, ‘Thank you for your fair coverage of me,’” Lahren confirms. Beyond thanking her for her comments on Hannity, Lahren says that the President lauded her commentary on her own show leading to the election. “I did a lot of work during the campaign that went viral,” Lahren says, including such segments as her defense of Trump amid the fallout of the Access Hollywood tape. In her estimate, those videos were persuasive for “apprehensive voters.”

She also told the publication that the conversation lasted for a “solid 10 to 15 minutes.” Lahren has become a media star over the past year due to her viral rants, most of which target liberals and progressive causes. She’s well known for using the term “snowflakes” to label those on the left, even taking part in an awards ceremony where she gave folks in Hollywood ‘Snowflake Awards.’ Lahren’s also made subsequent appearances on Hannity, including one last week where she took aim at Sam Bee over her mocking a cancer patient.

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