The Onion Writers Reveal What the Front Page Would Have Looked Like After a Clinton Win

hillary-clinton-3 The New Yorker is reporting that the Onion is having a hard time satirizing a president who is already outrageous. In the piece, which focuses on the struggles of an average pitch meeting, we learn what the front page would have looked like if Hillary Clinton had become President. From the New Yorker:
“There were some really good Hillary-wins headlines,” Ben Berkley, the managing editor, said, pulling up a never-published front page on his laptop. In a giant font: “Desperate woman settles for asshole nation without much money.” Below that: “ ‘Now, Sisters, Destroy These Tools of Our Oppression!’ Shrieks Victorious Hillary Clinton While Brandishing Fistful of Severed Penises.” And beneath a headshot of a smug Trump: “Trump immediately concedes election after discovering object of desire is 240 years old.”

Maybe they can repurpose those headlines if it is, in fact, true that the Secretary of State is planning to run for Mayor of New York. [image via screengrab] —— Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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