Tillerson in Asia Issues Warning to North Korea: Military Action ‘An Option’

On his first major trip overseas as Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson issued a pointed warning to North Korea. “The policy of strategic patience has ended,” Tillerson told reporters at a press conference in South Korea. “We’re exploring a range of diplomatic, security and economic measures, all options are on the table.” Tillerson continued by saying that while the United States was not looking for trouble, it was prepared to robustly defend their position in South Korea. “If North Korea takes actions that threatens the South Korean forces or our own forces, then that would be met with an appropriate response,” he said. Aside from a few tweets, Donald Trump has not articulated a clear North Korea policy. The reclusive nation has a long history of provocations against the west including a new series of missile tests just last month. [image via screengrab]

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