Key Trump Ally Breaks With President on Budget Cuts: ‘Meals on Wheels is a Wonderful Program’

On a Thursday edition of CNN’s The Messy Truth,  GOP Representative Chris Collins broke sharply with President Donald Trump over his proposed budget. Collins, of upstate New York, was the very first House Republican to endorse candidate Trump in his unlikely 2016 campaign. The point of departure came over Meals on Wheels. “You want to take 30% of their money away from them?” asked host Van Jones. “How can you justify that?” “I’m not going to try to justify it because that’s not my plan,” said Collins. “So you do disagree with him,” asked Jones. “I do disagree with that,” he said. Collins vigorously hit back against administration claims that programs like Meals on Wheels were a waste, citing his own family as an example. “My mother-in-law, prior to her passing on, she had Meals on Wheels at her apartment, five a week,” he said. “They bring that extra meal on the weekends. It was her way to know she was safe.” “I hope the president is watching,” Jones said solemnly.

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