NYDN Puts Freedom Tower in Sniper Crosshairs to Highlight Police Budget Cuts

New York Daily News (NYDN) is not known for having subtly when it comes to the cover photos, and they seem to have created another provocative cover which includes putting a target on Freedom Tower. President Trump has proposed a number of budget cuts to Congress, and they have prompted concerns from New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill about slashes of federal funding for the city police. O’Neil and Mayor Bill de Blasio reacted to the news during a press conference, where they denounced the Trump administration’s budget while arguing that it would endanger the city and severely reduce their counter-terrorism operations. “This funding is absolutely critical,” O’Neill said, according to NYDN. “It is the backbone of entire counterterrorism apparatus. It is the cornerstone of preparedness and prevention against terrorist threats, and enables us to do what we can do to keep the city secure.” [Image via screengrab] — —
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