‘There Is No Good News About Obamacare’: Trump Hammers ‘Fake News,’ Offers Support For GOP Healthcare Plan

During a discussion with Republicans that aired on CNN today, Donald Trump defended the new healthcare bill and disparaged the press. There has been some confusion over whether Trump is on-board with Paul Ryan‘s big Affordable Care Act replacement, which has been panned by many people, including some Republicans. During the meeting, Trump assured listeners that everyone who was reportedly against the new plan is totally in favor of it now. “I’m 100% behind this,” he said. Moreover, he lambasted the press for not covering the healthcare bill “fairly.” He said the “fake news” has been trying to be kind to Obamacare but “there is no good news about Obamacare. Obamacare is dead.” Plans “like nobody’s ever seen before” and “nobody’s even thought of now” will be “devised by insurance companies to take care of people,” said the president. [image via screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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