‘I Represent Middle America’: Tomi Lahren Explains Her Appeal To The View

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren made an appearance on ABC’s The View today. This event has been a long time coming. We first found out about it after reaching out to ABC for a story about a Breitbart editor’s appearance on daytime television’s popular panel show. Lahren’s appearance on a show that so often produces liberal soundbites was noteworthy, in particular, because she, at age 24, has created a one-person counter-program that churns out soundbites from the other side of the spectrum. When explaining how she did that, Lahren said simply, “I represent middle America.” She revealed that while there is plenty of media for people on the coasts to enjoy, people in the middle of the country rarely see themselves reflected in on-air personalities. After that, she and the hosts batted around a few of the show’s signature “hot topics.” She stood by support of Travel Ban 2.0, which Jedediah Bila joined her for. She even agreed with Joy Behar on something: Lahren thinks that Saudi Arabia should be on the list of countries whose inhabitants are banned from entering the United States, too. Notably, she reiterated that she is pro-choice, which is in keeping with her ideas about how much overreach a government can have when it comes to a person’s individual choices but which gets her as much hate from the right as her other views garner her from the left, she said. Watch above. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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