In Light of This Presser, Let’s Look Back at Trump and Merkel’s Relationship

imageedit_78_7451412834 On the campaign trail, Donald Trump had critial things to say about German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Today, they did a joint press conference that addressed some of the topics Trump insulted Merkel over mere months ago. Specifically, he hammered her decision to welcome so many Syrian refugees to Germany through his entire campaign. For instance, when asked about a world leader he admired back in September, he initially said Merkel, then immediately followed that up with criticism. “I was very disappointed that, when she — this move with the whole thing on immigration. I think it’s a big problem and really, you know, to look at what she’s done in the last year and a half. I was always a Merkel person, I thought, ‘Really fantastic,’ but I think she made a very tragic mistake a year and a half ago,” he said. That’s a position he’d held for a while, . When she was picked over him for Time‘s Person of the Year in 2015, Trump said of Merkel, “I said I’ll never be chosen because I’m not a part of the TIME establishment. I think they absolutely picked the wrong person. I think they picked the person that’s really done tremendous damage to Germany.” What’s more, that animosity has continued post-election in spite of her saying she would work closely with him after he won. In January, four days before becoming President, he criticized her for the “catastrophic” mistake of welcoming so many Syrian refugees into Germany. In February, only two weeks after he took office, it was reported that Merkel explained the Geneva Convention to Trump over the phone. It was also reported that he “chafed” at her lesson. Anyway, let’s all settle in for this press conference. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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