Man Arrested, Charged With Triggering Seizure in Newsweek Writer Kurt Eichenwald

kurt-eichenwald-650x342-1-e1481295356885-1-650x425 On Friday, Gizmodo‘s William Turton broke the news that a suspect had been arrested in the alleged seizure-inducing Tweet sent to Newsweek‘s Kurt Eichenwald back in December 2016. The Dallas FBI issued a response to the website, underlining that a “press release with more details on the arrest is forthcoming, and declined to comment further.” Eichenwald revealed additional details about the arrest in a series of posts on Twitter: During the immediate aftermath of the alleged tweets, the Newsweek journalist accused supporters of being behind the social media assault. He also got caught up in a spat with The Daily Caller over the timeline of when he filed a police complaint over the incidents. [image via screengrab]

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