Greg Gutfeld: Rachel Maddow’s ‘Reminding Me a Little of Glenn Beck’

Fox’s The Five did a special second show on Friday night at 8 pm, and one of the segments they did focused on bias at NBC and MSNBC against President Trump. In particular they kept the mocking of Rachel Maddow going for hyping up Trump tax returns that turned out to be a dud. Between the disappointment and the almost-20-minute build-up from Maddow that frustrated a lot of people, she and MSNBC have gotten a lot of criticism this week, with the biggest positive for them being some pretty big ratings. Greg Gutfeld expressed some astonishment at how with serious things happening in the world, everyone was transfixed by 2 pages of Trump’s 2005 returns. Eric Bolling said Maddow’s liberal audience must have liked it. Gutfeld made this observation:
“The conspiratorial mind probably ate it all up, but I don’t know if the general population going to… I think she’s turning into the modern Glenn Beck, when Glenn started doing some odd things over Obama. She’s reminding me a little of Glenn Beck, she’s got that style.”

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