‘Even the Setup For This Segment’ Is Unfair: Newsmax CEO Disses Media on This Week

On ABC’s This WeekChristopher Ruddy and George Stephanopoulos argued about the “unfair” media. Primarily, Ruddy was there to discuss his friend Donald Trump‘s allegations that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped him. Ruddy ended up repeatedly expressing that the media has been unfair about the whole thing while Stephanopoulos brought up that there have been no findings of evidence that any surveillance occurred. Ruddy said “even the setup for this segment,” which outlined Trump’s wiretapping claims in detail, proved the press was being too aggressive about the story and he decried what he saw as a lack of focus on Trump’s real accomplishments. For his part, Stephanopoulos maintained he had said nothing “untrue” and invited Ruddy to share any lies he thought had been told. Ruddy did not offer any untruths. Ruddy was unable to say if Trump will retract his claims wiretapping, but one thing he was able to talk about was the GOP healthcare plan that was primarily authored by Paul Ryan. “I have criticized it for its effort to reduce the number of people on Medicare and Medicaid,” Ruddy recalled. “If you look at the savings, Medicaid costs about $4000 a year per person. If those same people are pushed in to private health insurance, their health expenses will go up to about $7000 a year. That’s a pretty big increase for about 10 million people who just recently joined the Medicaid roles.” He still praised Trump for “tackling this issue,” because “it’s such a hot potato.” Watch above. [image: screengrab]  Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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