‘There is Circumstantial Evidence of Collusion’: Top House Intel Democrat on Russia and Trump

As highlighted by ShareBlue’s Tommy Christopher, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press today and told host Chuck Todd that there was a lot that can be pointed to when it comes to cooperation between the Russian government and Trump campaign. With FBI Director James Comey scheduled to speak at a Congressional hearing on Russian election interference tomorrow, Schiff — the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee — was asked about former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper saying there’s no evidence of collusion and if there will be “fire to go with all of this smoke.” Schiff said he was surprised by Clapper’s comments, then mentioned that there may be some fire. “There is evidence of collusion,” the California lawmaker stated. “There is direct evidence, I think, of deception, and that’s where we begin the investigation.” He continued, “Now I don’t want to prejudge where we ultimately end up, and of course, there’s one thing to say there’s evidence, there’s another thing to say we can prove this, or prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, or there’s enough evidence to bring to a grand jury for purposes of criminal indictment. But there is certainly enough for us to conduct an investigation.” Todd also brought up how the Senate Intelligence Committee has requested that former Trump adviser Roger Stone preserve all Russian-related communication and documentation and wanted to know if the House Intel Committee had done the same. Schiff explained that they asked the US government but hadn’t sent letter to individuals yet. Watch the clip above, via NBC News. [image via screengrab]Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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