Celebrity Chef José Andrés Answers, ‘What If Politicians Worked in Restaurants?’

The chef currently embroiled in a legal battle with Donald Trump answered a hypothetical question recently. In a sponsored post from Axios that’s making the rounds on Facebook, José Andrés pondered, “What if politicians worked in restaurants?” From cloudy drinking water as a result of politicians’ failure “to come up with a way to deliver good, clean water to every American” to messed-up chick salad when cooks refuse to work in a bipartisan fashion, it didn’t sound like any of the customers in this hypothetical situation were getting good service. Andrés stressed that in a restaurant, no one plays the “blame game.” Instead, they take responsibility for their own actions and move forward together in an effort to best serve the people counting on them. Watch above. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.  

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