Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: ‘Both Major Party Nominees in 2016 Were Under Criminal Investigation’ Before Election

Following FBI Director James Comey’s revelation at today’s House hearing on Russia that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been under investigation since July over potential ties to Russia, Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt noted what the major takeaway from today’s news should be while referencing Trump’s 2016 opponent. “I thought of a saying for you,” host Dana Perino told Stirewalt this afternoon. “I feel like the reporters in Washington are like a raccoon in a room full of disco balls. They don’t know where to look. What is a headline that you lead with tomorrow if you’re the editor of the paper?” Stirewalt first asked Perino to leave the “hillbilly aphorisms” to him before weighing in with his advice to other outlets out there. “Here’s a headline for you,” he noted. “Both major party nominees in 2016 were under criminal investigation prior to election. So congratulations, America. You did it!” Stirewalt continued, “Look, that’s stark. The reality here that is inescapable is that sometime in the next six weeks or five weeks, we’re probably gonna get to a point where the FBI comes back with a bill of health on Donald Trump and his associates and their point of contact with Russia.” He further added that until then, everything will be “noise” and “narrative shaping.” Watch the clip above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab]Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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