WATCH: Newscaster Learns of Her Husband’s Death During Live Broadcast

Indian newscaster, Supreet Kaur, went above and beyond the call of duty Saturday when, after learning of her husband’s death on live television, continued her broadcast without missing a beat. Kaur, a journalist with India’s IBC 24 channel was informed of her husband’s death in a car accident in the middle of her broadcast, India Express reported Sunday. “For a moment her voice trembled, but she collected herself and carried on reading the news till the bulletin got over 10 minutes later,” said Ravikant Mittal, IBC 24’s editor-in-chief, The New York Daily News reported. Kaur reportedly broke down immediately after she was finished. “It speaks volumes about her sense of duty and professionalism that she continued and kept her calm for another 10 minutes,’’ an IBC 24 editor told Indian Express. “The moment the cameras were off she began calling her relatives and broke down.” Watch the entire video [image via screengrab]

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