‘It’s Great if You’re a Rapper’: Joe Walsh and Jason Johnson Spar Over Trump Tweets

A Wednesday morning exchange between Jason Johnson and former congressman Joe Walsh on MSNBC Live got testy when they were brought on to discuss President Donald Trump’s foreign policy inconsistencies. The brief segment got heated towards the end. Walsh said that if you’re an enemy of the United States, “you’re thinking ‘this president might drop the mother of all bombs on me.'” Johnson then interrupted: “And that’s dangerous!” “I know that weeds out the foreign policy establishment,” said Walsh. Johnson interrupted again, saying “That’s not the foreign policy establishment. That’s American citizens who don’t want to get bombed or nuked because you have an irresponsible president.” Anchor Stephanie Ruhle interjected to add that “in terms of playing poker, you don’t necessarily wanna show everybody your hand,” to which Johnson agreed, only to add that “if you keep talking and tweeting all the time, you’re showing them whatever is you happen to have.” Walsh argued that Trump is taking action as well, such as “dropping bombs,” to which Johnson countered with his money line: That “[it’s] great if you’re a rapper but not if you’re the President of the United States.” Check out the whole back and forth above, courtesy of MSNBC. [Photo: Screen grab]

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