Former NY Democrat Executive Calls Head of State GOP ‘Cox Sucker’

shutterstock_258638192 New York Democrat? More like New York Demo-crass, honey. Former Democratic Party executive director Charlie King referred to Republican Chairman Ed Cox unkindly today in a statement, according to New York State of Politics. He — ahem — called him a “Cox sucker.” To Spectrum News’s Nick Reisman, he insisted it was just a play on words and not a gay slur. The walk-back is good because the joke makes no sense. How can Cox be the Cox sucker in the first place? (Keep your Marilyn Manson legends out of this, please; we don’t have the time.) Further, he’s been married to a woman for a few now. He hasn’t just been married to some mysterious lady, either. He’s married to Richard Nixon‘s daughter Tricia Nixon Cox. You see how the joke gets less and less funny as more details are added here, yes? See, the drama started when Cox called Melissa DeRosa a “petty thug” when she was appointed the top aide in Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s administration. That’s when King released this statement:
Despite our ideological differences, the Ed Cox I know believes deeply in this state and this country. He is imminently likable but for the flaw of being Republican. He served with me in the best bipartisan spirit on then Attorney-General Elect Andrew Cuomo’s Transition Committee. He gives as good as he gets but never crosses the line with mean, ugly useless attacks. He wants what I want: a better New York … He’s just wrong and I’m right about how to get there. The Ed Cox who issued that tweet is one I did not recognize. It made him petty, small. Thuggish. A Cox sucker.
Oof. [image: Jim Larkin] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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