Glass House: CNN’s Jeff Toobin Critiques O’Reilly, Despite His Own Questionable Past

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin called out Fox News on Wednesday’s Anderson Cooper 360 over the Bill O’Reilly scandal. Unmentioned, however, was his own past of unsavory behavior towards the opposite sex. During a segment with Lisa Bloom, who represents some of O’Reilly’s more recent accusers, Toobin cited Andrea Macrkis‘s 2004 lawsuit against the former Fox News host over alleged sexual harassment. He continued by playing up Fox News’s response to the scandal. “If Fox News had done the right thing then — which was fire him — how many women would not have been sexually harassed in the subsequent decade and decade-plus?,” Toobin underlined. The CNN legal analyst continued, “It’s not just that they didn’t fire him. They effectively sentenced other women to suffer this kind of discrimination — because O’Reilly knew Fox would write a check; it would go away; and he could continue doing it.” Toobin ended point by contending, “Before anyone gives Fox any credit for finally firing Bill O’Reilly, they ought to remember all the women who suffered because they didn’t fire him, when they already knew how he behaved.” The liberal pundit‘s remarks are ironic, to say the least, as CNN is well aware of his own questionable behavior. Back in February 2012, a New York Times article spotlighted Casey Greenfield, the daughter of former CNN analyst Jeff Greenfield. The newspaper detailed how the younger Greenfield “fell into a secretive off-and-on relationship [with Toobin] spanning nearly a decade.” The pair conceived a child in 2008, but Toobin, “questioned the paternity, balked at submitting to a test and vowed to take no responsibility for a baby he wasn’t sure was his.” Greenfield ultimately sued her former lover “for child support and custody of the baby.” She won against Toobin.
Mr. Toobin ultimately acquiesced to a paternity test that confirmed he was the father of the boy, who is nicknamed Rory. He contested portions of her suit. The tabloids zeroed back in. In February 2010, the custody case was heard in Manhattan Family Court. It was not resolved until late last year, with Ms. Greenfield receiving full custody of Rory, including the right to make all pivotal decisions in his upbringing and schooling.

The pundit, however, has fought claims for further child support from Greenfield. [image via screengrab]

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