‘There Was Harassment’: Alisyn Camerota Remembers Her Own Time at Fox News

On New Day, Thursday, pundits continued to feast on the news that Bill O’Reilly was done at Fox News. “I’ve had people say this is fundamentally, from the top down, a toxic culture,” said Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter. Alisyn Camerota, who spent 16 years at the embattled network, then offered her thoughts in a brief monologue, both passionate and revealing. “I don’t know that I would call it a toxic culture, but I would say that it was pervasive,” she said, adding:
“It was Roger Ailes’ fiefdom. He was the king. There was no higher authority that you could ever go to and there was harassment. And I tried, in my own way, to raise the flag and to talk to people about it. I went to my superiors to talk to them about it and there was certainly a feeling of ‘this is Roger, what are going to do? Who are you going to go to?'”

Media analyst, Bill Carter, suggested the oft-mentioned network “hotline,” though Camerota scoffed. “There was no hotline. I can’t underscore this enough,” she said. “If a hotline is a secret, it doesn’t work.” Watch above [image via screengrab]

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