Roger Stone Celebrates 4/20 by Tweeting His Richard Nixon Bong

Bet you didn’t expect this today. Eccentric Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone tweeted on Monday that he was celebrating April 20th, or “4/20,” the unofficial marijuana holiday, with a photo of the Richard Nixon bong he owns: In a video from last year, Stone explained that the bong, which was produced as a parody item during Nixon’s presidency, was part of a collection of political items that he owns, including  Nixon hash pipe. It was hard to tell if he was saying he partakes in marijuana himself, but it seemed like he was intentionally being coy, leaning towards the side that it was just a political collectible to him. This was not the first time Stone has tweeted about the bong; he claimed he had previously gotten offers to buy it, and that reproductions end up being made. [Photo: Screen grab]

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