‘The Plan Went Flawlessly’: Lisa Bloom Goes Over Media Strategy to Bring Down O’Reilly

Lisa Bloom, the high-powered attorney who represented some of Bill O’Reilly‘s sexual harassment accusers, did a Democracy Now! interview in which she talked strategy. “We are going to bring him down” is what Bloom said she promised accuser Wendy Walsh. They did it, too, she added, noting that “the plan went flawlessly.” Here’s how:
The plan was, first of all, we have to keep this story in the news. We can’t just let it be a one-day story and that’s what it would have been. So, Wendy and I did a press conference. Again, she was very scared; we shored her up. We had to do a press conference and make this story be big so that other accusers would call me. As an attorney, I can’t call them and I didn’t know who they were anyway, right? But we had to keep this story going. So released bits of it day by day, giving the story legs as we say in journalism. A second accuser did call me … we got her sister in place. We got her three witnesses interviewed … and we came out with her story a few days ago. A third accuser, a fourth accuser came out. I tweeted and I said on many shows that the Murdochs had only one choice and that was to fire Bill O’Reilly. If they didn’t, we would continue relentlessly day after day, having more and more accusers come out publicly. We were not going to let this go. We were going to persist.

Yesterday, Bloom released her “victory statement.” In it, she commended women for showing that same sort of persistence she mentioned on DN! and likened taking O’Reilly out to slaying a dragon. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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