Publishers Voice Cautious Optimism On Google’s Ad-Blocking Browser

Google may indeed be working on a browser with ad-blocking capabilities built in, as the Wall Street Journal reported today. In a series of interviews, publishers reported being cautiously optimistic about the idea. However they issued a warning: If Google oversteps, it could lead them to rethink buying its ad technology. Beyond that, they said, the move could raise antitrust concerns. The search giant is working on an ad filter that would be built into its Chrome web browser, people familiar with the plans confirmed. The browser would have an option for users to stop ads from loading on sites that Google blacklists for having poor ad experiences, such as videos that play automatically with the sound on and other annoying formats, according to multiple people familiar with the plans, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Google has discussed its ad-block browser option for months with publishers. It has been floating other components of the strategy: Helping publishers collect payments from people who employ ad blockers when visiting their sites -- a program being called "Funding Choices," according to one person familiar with the initiative. Continue reading at

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