‘The Millennials Have Joined Me’: Maxine Waters Doubles Down on Refusal to Work With Trump

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) hammered away at President Donald Trump yet again when she appeared on Friday’s Morning Joe. Almost a week after leading a chant to impeach the president, Waters came on MSNBC to emphatically talk about how she has no respect for Trump and will not work with him.
“This is abnormal what we’re experiencing with this president. I have taken him on as you know, and the millennials have joined me. And so, I continue to talk about his ties to Russia and what I think all of that means…I believe if we have credible investigations, that it will lead to his impeachment.”

When Joe Scarborough asked Waters if she could work with Trump if they could find common ground on certain issues, she explained that she could not trust Trump due to the “outrageous” behavior he showed throughout his political rise. Waters slammed Trump’s trustworthiness citing his newfound reluctance to designate China as currency manipulators. Donny Deutsch eventually entered the conversation, challenging Waters about whether it’s in the best interest of her constituents to oppose Trump no matter what. Waters pivoted to Trump’s recent defense of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, but Deutsch pressed on and repeated, “I don’t think it is in the best interests of your constituents.” Watch how Waters responded in the video above, via MSNBC. [Image via screengrab] — —
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