‘Immature, Childish, Foolish’: Ana Navarro Slams Palin, Nugent for Hillary Clinton Trolling

CNN’s Ana Navarro slammed Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock on Friday’s New Day over their razzing pose in front of the White House portrait of Hillary Clinton. “I see it as immature, childish, foolish, and to be expected from that crowd,” Navarro contended. The commentator, who voted for Mrs. Clinton (despite her past Republican affiliation), continued by underling that “one day, there’s going to be a picture of Melania Trump hanging on those walls; and a picture of Donald Trump hanging on those walls; and folks are going to go and stick their tongue out at it. And people are going to say, well, but do you remember when Sarah Palin posed in front of Hillary Clinton, making fun of her?” Navarro also emphasized that “as somebody who has been at the White House, I can tell you that you see a lot of pictures there — some people you agree with; some don’t —but there’s this, you know, gravitas to the White House. There’s this respect for the place. There’s this respect for the office.” Earlier in the segment, pro-Trump guest Kayleigh McEnany asserted that “this is overblown. They were having fun. They were taking a picture with Hillary Clinton. They’re obviously not fans of her. You know, Hillary Clinton’s picture isn’t shrouded with some sort of honor that has to be respected.” Anchor Alisyn Camerota interjected, “We do generally afford first ladies respect.” McEnany replied, “And they respect her. I think they just wanted to take a fun picture. oh, here’s Hillary Clinton. You didn’t make it to the White House. We’re here. You never thought you’d see this day.” [image via screengrab]

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