Jimmy Kimmel Wants You to Try the ‘F**k-It-Ccino,’ an Alternative to the Unicorn Frappuccino

By now you are aware of, and have probably formed a very strong opinion on, Unicorn Frappuccinos. If you love them, that’s cool. If you come down on the side of severe vitriolic hatred, thats okay, because lots of Starbucks baristas feel the same wayJimmy Kimmel isn’t a fan either, and he has an alternative. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Kimmel referred to the Unicorn Frappuccino as an “Abomination” and “The first Frappuccino that looks like a windbreaker from the 80s… When you stir it up, the color changes to pink, and the flavor changes too. Who says America doesn’t invent anything anymore?” If the Unicorn Frappuccino isn’t for you, Kimmel has created a new drink, and a commercial for it, that perfectly suits these “troubled times.” It’s called the “F**ck-It-Ccino.” “Made with Starbucks Premium Coffee, pancake batter, chocolate frosting, french fries, vodka, Lexapro. Everything you need to forget about life. For six minutes,” the ad says. “The Fck-It-Ccino. Fck it. We’re screwed.” Watch above, via ABC. [featured image via screen grab]

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