‘The Good Guy in All This’: Sarah Palin Joins Hannity in Defending Fox News Co-President Bill Shine

palin Sarah Palin, who you’ll recall used to work at Fox News, tweeted out a message of support for Fox co-president Bill Shine this morning. Yesterday Sean Hannity tweeted in reaction to a report from New York Magazine‘s Gabriel Sherman that said Shine has been “expressing concern about his future at the network” and that he asked the Murdochs to release a statement of support, but they “refused.” Hannity tweeted #IStandWithShine in response and added that someone “high up” at Fox is “trying to get an innocent person fired.” Palin––who parted ways with Fox in 2015––noticed Hannity’s tweets and echoed them by defending Shine on Twitter this morning: The former Alaska governor and 2008 VP was recently on CNN, where Jake Tapper asked her whether she witnessed or experienced harassment while at Fox. Palin did not directly answer, though she did say that the culture at Fox “obviously has to change.” [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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