FEP, DAI and SSAI? A Connected TV Glossary to Keep You Wired In

TV advertising is changing along with technology, which is giving everyone plenty of new terms with which to enlighten or obfuscate. Forget TV sets, for one thing. There are connected TVs, digital video players, smart TV apps, streaming devices and wired gaming consoles. Figuring out how to connect with TV viewers through all these prisms can confuse even the most seasoned media buyer. "There are 600 classes of devices," said Eric Hoffert, senior VP of video tech at ad tech provider AppNexus. "The inventory is on the big screen in the living room, delivered digitally over IP. Publishers can activate their connected TV inventory on Roku, Android, Xbox, Apple TV." As the ad industry takes on an ever more digital focus, even veterans of traditional TV need to know how to speak the new language, said Tal Chalozin, chief technology officer at video ad platform Innovid. "A lot of are coming from broadcast TV and the terms are new for people," Chalozin said. Continue reading at AdAge.com

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