Controversial Sheriff David Clarke Announces Homeland Security Position

david-clarke As was rumored last month, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke will leave his current job and take a position with the Department of Homeland Security. The fervent Donald Trump supporter will accept an appointment as an assistant secretary with the DHS. Recently, Clarke found himself embroiled in a controversy when prosecutors in Wisconsin announced they were launching an inquest into the death of a prisoner in the jail Clarke oversees. The prisoner, Terril Thomas, died of dehydration when he was denied liquids for over a week. He lost 35 pounds before his death. Clarke well known for his over-the-top rhetoric, frequent Fox News appearances and combative nature. For example, in late-January when demonstrators were protesting at airports and in the streets over Trump’s travel ban, Clarke tweeted out “It’s showdown time,” implying physical action was needed against protesters. Recent polls in Milwaukee County revealed that Clarke was extremely unlikely to be reelected if he ran again for sheriff as he had become deeply unpopular among the county’s voters. [image via screengrab]Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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