Watch Fox & Friends Emotionally Announce the Passing of Fox News Founder Roger Ailes

This post is by Lindsey Ellefson from Mediaite

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Today, Fox News founder Roger Ailes died. This is a day that media types will frame with the question, “Do you remember where you were when it happened?” The hosts of Fox & Friends, one of the most successful shows on the network, were at work. In fact, they were on air. Watch above as an emotional Ainsley Earhardt and stoic Steve Doocy make the announcement. You’ll recall that when Ailes was originally accused of sexual harassment last summer, Earhardt was one of the Fox News hosts who most publicly defended him. In fact, she did it in an interview with Mediaite. Doocy and Earhardt took it in turns to read the statement left by Ailes’s wife before Brian Kilmeade cut over to a commercial. Obviously, we will have more on this story as it develops. For now, just watch the reactions of the F & F team an idea of what’s going on at Fox today. You can see a fuller follow-up segment from the show below:
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