Watch Jimmy Kimmel Reimagine Trump’s Media Lunch as the Red Wedding: ‘Only Tucker Carlson Survived’

On Wednesday, Politico reported that President Donald Trump was set to have a quiet off the record lunch with some prominent media figures. It was a small affair and didn’t merit much subsequent reportage. It did not, however, go unnoticed by Jimmy Kimmel. The late night host took a moment on the most recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to reimagine the lunch as Game of Thrones’ infamous Red Wedding. “It was supposed to be private but we obtained some video which we can share with you now exclusively. This is video from inside the news anchor lunch at the White House today.” The rest you can probably already guess. The president, taking on the role of the infamous Walder Frey, proceeded to summarily slaughter his guests, who in this case bore the faces of Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and of course Mika and Joe. “Only Carlson survived,” said Kimmel to laughter. Watch above [image via screengrab]

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