‘Another Turkish-American Kicking Alex Jones’s Ass!’ Cenk Uygur Reacts to Chobani Lawsuit Settlement

Here at Mediaite, we’ve all got a little Joanne the Scammer in us. We live for drama. You know who has a long history of drama? The Young Turks‘s Cenk Uygur and InfoWars’s Alex Jones. Remember their epic fights? Seriously, these spats have been next-level. That’s why we took note when Uygur gloated about Jones having to apologize to Chobani Greek Yogurt after settling a lawsuit yesterday. “Yet another Turkish-American kicking Alex Jones’s ass,” said Uygur as co-host Ana Kasparian explained to their audience who Jones is and what InfoWars does. “If you watch Alex Jones, you’re a sucker. Stop watching him. He’s a scam. He says defamatory things about innocent people and he’s dangerous,” she said of the man who recently had to apologize for pushing the “pizzagate” conspiracy theory that led a man to discharge a gun in a D.C. family restaurant. Uygur continued to verbally on the lawsuit’s grave, saying, “Look, you can’t fight Turks. Just give up already!” Watch above. [image: screengrab] Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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