Watch: Hillary Clinton Tries to Avoid ‘Unwanted Trump Hugs’ During Hilarious Debate Prep Video

Apparently, James Comey is not the only one who wanted to avoid any awkward hugs with Donald Trump. Philippe Reines, a longtime operative for Hillary Clinton, seems to have seen the news about how the former FBI director felt put-off during his meetings with the president before he was fired. Comey’s associates told reporters that he tried to avoid directly interacting with Trump months ago, and that he did not appreciate it when the president singled him out and pulled him in for a hug during a gathering. Trump is known to make physical contact with those on stage with him during political events, and the Clinton campaign apparently had that in mind ahead of the 2016 presidential debates. Reines tweeted a video of himself on Friday, where he jokingly played the part of Trump by trying to bring Clinton in for an embrace. If you’re skeptical because the video isn’t completely clear, Reines promises that it was really her: Reines was Trump’s stand-in while Clinton was preparing for the confrontations ahead. [Image via screengrab] — —
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