Stephen Colbert: Maybe Jeff Sessions Invoked ‘White Privilege’ To Dodge Questions

This post is by Jon Levine from Mediaite

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On the Late Show Tuesday, host Stephen Colbert dedicated his monologue to the testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “America’s favorite new reality T.V. show: So you think you could testify about Russia,” he joked, while also mocking the Senator’s Keebler elf-esque demeanor. “Everyone had the same question, ‘are you now or have you ever hidden any pots of gold?” The comedian soon dug into weightier matters including perhaps the hearing’s most controversial moment when Sessions declined to answer questions about his personal conversations with Trump despite the latter not invoking executive privilege. Colbert played footage of Sessions saying he only recalled that he “did depart” a meeting with Trump at some time in the past. “We know you departed Attorney General Sherlock. Why won’t you tell us any part of the conversation?” asked Colbert. “You’re not answering even though the president hasn’t claimed executive privilege and haven’t claimed executive privilege. So what are you claiming? White privilege? Cause I hear that’s a thing. There is some privilege being claimed.” Most of the B-jokes included cracks at Sessions’ southern accent, which flowed freely throughout the monologue and a line about how Sessions really seems to know nothing which “explains why he was the first Senator to endorse Trump.” It was classic Colbert. Watch above [image via screengrab] Follow Jon Levine on Twitter / Facebook.

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