Alex Jones Offers Father’s Day Condolences to Newtown Families, Preempting Megyn Kelly Interview

Hours away from the airing of his NBC interview with Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones has released a new video to address his controversial past as a Sandy Hook truther. Jones said that he was considering the fact that today is Father’s Day, and how “parents should never have to bury their own children.” Jones then said that he wanted reach out and give his “sincere condolences” to the parents of the children who died in the “horrible tragedy” that took place in Newtown. “I’d also like to reach out to any of the parents who lost a child at Newtown, to invite them to contact me to open a dialogue,” Jones said. “I think it’s really essential we do that instead of letting the MSM really misrepresent things and really try to drive this nation apart.” Jones did not explicitly apologize for his part in spreading the theory that the school shooting was a false flag operation. Kelly previewed a clip last week from her interview with Jones, and she challenged him about the unsubstantiated theories he has pushed over the years. Watch above, via The Alex Jones Channel. [Image via screengrab] — —
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