Alex Jones Challenges Megyn Kelly to Release Raw Interview Footage Amid Threats He Recorded Whole Thing

  Before NBC aired Megyn Kelly‘s interview with Alex Jones on Sunday night, the InfoWars impresario challenged NBC News to release the unedited interview tapes while reiterating his threat of releasing them himself. Jones acknowledged that she and the network had time constraints to air only 11 minutes of the interview, but told Kelly to “prove you’re a real journalist” by releasing the full interview. He then slammed former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw for calling him an “unalloyed racist” without showing any clips proving it. “You are the fake news, Tom Brokaw and NBC!” Jones exclaimed. “You are the fake news, Megyn Kelly!” Jones then said that he knew that she “was lying” about “how fascinated” she was with him about how she talk about Sandy Hook in the interview. He added, “I knew it was a load of bull, that’s why I started recording it.” Jones predicts NBC won’t release the full interview because their “religion is about control, manipulation and deceit.” “Either way I win,” Jones asserted, “because I stand for truth, justice, and the American way.” Jones concluded his video message by Megyn Kelly and NBC, “your future is in your hands.”

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