Chris Matthews Asks If Hollywood and the Media Isn’t Sensitive Enough to the White Working Class

On Monday night, Chris Matthews pondered whether Hollywood and the media isn’t sensitive enough to the white working class like they are to other groups. The MSNBC host kicked off the segment by citing a poll that shows that 63% of rural Trump voters see immigrants as a burden to the country because “they take jobs away from deserving Americans.” Matthews acknowledged that many rural Americans in flyover country, who heavily supported President Trump in the election, feel forgotten about by “the east and west coasts.” He then made this this observation:
“Hollywood, the news business is very careful about gender identity, about sexuality. You are very careful with the language we use. Very careful of LGBT concerns generally. Do you ever see that same sensitivity about white working class people? I grew up in a country that made fun of those people.”

Matthews then invoked Archie Bunker All in the Family to make the point that Hollywood loved making fun of the white working class and that voters were thinking, “You want me to be Archie Bunker? I’m voting for Republican.” Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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