Anderson Cooper on White House Holding Off-Camera Gaggles: ‘What Are They Afraid Of?’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke with Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta tonight about the off-camera gaggle Sean Spicer held today, hours after Acosta was on CNN going off on Spicer over it. Acosta even went so far as to say that Spicer is “kind of useless” now. Cooper brought on Acosta on AC360 and said it looks like President Trump and the White House seem like they’re not “on the same page.” Acosta said, “I’m not sure they’re on the same planet, Anderson.” Both of them were trying to make sense of the various talking points both the President and his staffers have thrown out regarding his use of Twitter and how seriously the press should take those statements. They also discussed the off-camera, no-audio gaggle that Acosta was part of today––he told Cooper reporters cannot let this become the new normal––and Cooper actually asked this question:
“What they afraid of? What are they afraid of about being on camera saying things? ‘Cause clearly, we’ve seen time and time again that they say things which are just not true, turn out not to be true, or which the president declares not to be true the very next day.”

He asked if the concern is still that the President’s own spokespeople just can’t keep up with him. Watch above, via CNN. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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