Comcast Says Marketers Can Make TV Ad Buys With Blockchain Tech

Comcast Advanced Advertising Group announced a new platform at Cannes on Tuesday that will allow marketers to make ad buys in local broadcast and streaming TV using blockchain technology. The platform will allow marketers to anonymously match their data sets with programmers and others in the industry to target consumers on any device without giving up proprietary customer info. Participants in the technology, dubbed the "Blockchain Insights Platform," include Disney, NBC Universal, Altice USA, Channel 4 U.K., Cox Communications, Mediaset Italia and France's TF1 Group, according to Comcast. Blockchain allows parties to transact with each other directly, and to trust the transactions, without having to trust each other or have a central system of record, such as a bank or in advertising's case, a third party, because both parties have a copy of the distributed system of record. Continue reading at

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